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    The Town of Troy is a rural township, located in South Central Sauk County, Wisconsin. As of the 2010 census, 794 people resided in the township with 336 households in 53.1 square miles.

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Weight Limit Rules                                          There are new State Weight Limit rules addressing large equipment on roadways.  The weight limit for certain farm equipment is now 92,000 lbs.   Any equipment that is over 92,000 lbs. must apply for a permit.  For the Town of Troy, permits may be gotten from Supervisor Jeff Lohr.  He may be reached at 544-3644.  There is no charge for the permit.

Town of Troy News

Policy Change
    Plan Commission agenda requests must be submitted to the commission chairman or secretary by 6:00 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Town Board agenda request must be submitted to the board chairman or clerk by 6:00 P.M. on the 1st Thursday of the month.

     Town of TroyTown Patrolman is Kyle Elliott. He may be reached at: Cell (608) 415-8995 or Town Hall (608) 544-2000       
News & Information                                      Recycle News                                                                                                                  Town Board Documents           

Town Board Minutes 8/16/22                        Town Board Agenda 9/13/22                           2022 Comprehensive Plan Review          Special Meeting Notice 8/18/22                  Town Board Minutes 7/13/22                        Town Board Agenda 8/16/22                        Notice of Meeting Change                            Public Test Notice 8/03/22                        Town Board Minutes 6/14/22                        Town Board Agenda 7/12/22                          Town Plan Special Meeting 7/25/22              Town Board Minutes 5/10/22                        Special Meeting Notice 5/19/22                    Town Board Minutes 04/19/22                      Town Board Agenda 5/10/22                          Notice Board of Review 5/24/22                    Town Board Minutes 03/08/22                      Notice of Open Book                                    Notice of Annual Meeting 04/19/22              Town Board Agenda 04/19/22                        Troy 2021 Financial Report                           Notice of Public Test                                    Town Board Minutes 02/08/22                      Special Meeting Notice 03/12/22                  Town Board Agenda 03/08/22                        Town Board Minutes 12/11/22                      Special Meeting Notice 02/17/22                  Town Board Agenda 02/08/22                        Town Board Minutes 12/14/21                      Town Board Agenda 1/11/22                          Town Board Minutes 11/09/21                      Town Board Agenda 12/14/21                    Special Meeting Notice 12/14/21                  Special Meeting Notice 11/18/21                  Special Meeting Minutes 11/09/21                Town Board Minutes 10/12/21                      Special Meeting Notice 11/09/21                  Town Board Agenda 11/09/21                        Notice of Budget Hearing                              Town 2022 Budget Proposal                          Special Meeting Notice 10/19/21                  Town Board Minutes 9/14/21                        Town Board Agenda 10/12/21                                                                                                 More Documents

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Sauk County Government
Sauk County Property & Land Use (ALRS) Sauk County On line Mapping
Tax Assessments                                             

Town Plan Commission

    The Town of Troy Planning Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month to discuss building permits, easement issues, certified survey maps and a host of other issues relating to land use in the Town of Troy.

Plan Commission Members                                                                                Chairman: Brian Hanson                                  Secretary: Doug Larsen                                    Member: Ruben Ederer                                    Member: Peter Maestri                                    Board Member: Greg Sprecher


Building Permit Process

     Generally, the first call in getting a permit is to the Planning Commission Chairman. For a printout of the Permit Process.                Click print permits.                                           Town Residential Building Codes   Print         Driveway Ordinance  Print

Plan Commission Chairman: Brian Hanson
(608) 544-5000

Building Inspector: Dennis Butteris
Cell (608) 617-1216                                          dbutteris@generalengineering.net


Plan Commission Documents                      

Town 2022 Plan Review 7/25/22                      Plan Commission Minutes 8/22/22                Plan Commission Agenda 8/22/22                    Plan Commission Minutes 7/25/22                  Plan Commission Minutes 6/20/22                  Plan Commission Agenda 6/20/22                    Plan Commission Minutes 5/23/22                  Plan Commission Agenda 05/23/22                  Plan Commission Minutes 4/25/22                  Plan Commission Agenda 4/25/22                    Plan Commission Minutes 03/28/22                Plan Commission Agenda 03/28/22                Plan Commission Minutes 02/28/22                Plan Commission Agenda 02/28/22